What is Superiority?

End Discrimination…


“Why should I disrespect her?”

“She is Elder to me”, expressed the innocent 4-year old child.

Father stayed silent.

Mother lost words too.

“I am your slave, my Child. You are superior to me”, said the woman with utmost self-respect.

“No. You know more than me. You are no slave. Can you teach me how to do my work on my own? I do not want to depend on anyone”, exclaimed the wise 4-year old child.

A Friend is Born

Friendship knows no boundaries.

Even after the hardships and status differences,

He said to him, “Stay with me”.

For the first time in history, a slave became a friend of the owner that day.

Wars and Death

No one won.

Blood all around, I felt him die,
Never realised; it was the final goodbye.
He finally slept with peace and I with tears,
His absence will traumatise me in the coming years.
They won; no one knows who or what,
Even the land will be barren and draught.
No one is happy to see the red,
With loved ones on the death bed.

Say It, Before Its Too Late!

Time stops for no one. Express!

He never understood what she said,

He went straight to the bed,

The fight increased until it reached the end,

It was too big to mend.

The next morning, he woke up and she did not,

That was the end of her and his wedlock.

Things remained misunderstood and unsaid,

Happiness was lost after she was dead.

Every day, he slept alone and upset,

All his life, he remained under her love debt.